Song Of The Day

Rosetta Stone were a British Gothic rock band formed in the mid-1980s by Porl King (guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Karl North (bass), plus their drum machine and synthesizer rack nicknamed “Madame Razor”.

The band was named after the Rosetta Stone, an Egyptian historical artifact, and the band used much ancient mythological imagery, especially in their earlier work.

Their early style and first album reflected the jangly-guitar sounds of 1980s gothic rock,and their first big break came after live gigs supporting the then already well-established band The Mission.

Drowning Pool perform with 82-year-old fan

Watch 82-year-old John Hetlinger perform with Drowning PoolDrowning Pool fan John Hetlinger, 82, who sang the band’s trademark track Bodies on America’s Got Talent, took to the stage with the band at Chicago Open Air on Friday afternoon.
Hetlinger’s game show performance went viral after the retired US Navy pilot indulged his love for the band on TV.
And after the group said last month that they wanted to play with him, the collaboration has now taken place. View the performance below.