Abaddon Incarnate Pessimist – Candlelight Records 23 June 2014

Forming in 1994 from the ashes of death thrashers Bereaved, Irish occult metal act Abaddon Incarnate came together with the intention of becoming the fastest, most brutal band in Ireland. It was a mission thoroughly accomplished within the Irish underground by the time they released their brutal death metal debut ‘The Last Supper’ on the then up and coming label, Season of  Mist.

‘Nadir’ was the follow-up and marked Abaddon Incarnate’s evolution into an uncompromising  grindcore act, whilst also maintaining their occult lyrical themes. In 2003 ‘Dark Crusade’ was released, selling an unprecedented amount before the band went on an enforced hiatus.

Abaddon Incarnate re-emerged in 2007 with new drummer Johnny King (Altar of Plagues) and bassist Steve Finnerty and since then have completed successful tours in Europe, Russia and South America, while also having released their fourth full length ‘Cascade’ and a split with legendary Orange County grinders, Phobia.

With four full-length releases and a split behind them, Abaddon Incarnate, led by founding members Bill Whelan and Steve Maher, are looking forward to the future and their Candlelight Records label debut ‘Pessimist’ due out June 2014. The new album was recorded and mixed in three days, with the vocals and music being done in one take to maintain a level of live intensity and maximise a very real and frantic feel. Artwork duties have fallen to Manuel Tinnemans (Deathspell Omega, Pentacle, etc.) and the lyrics on the album are the most dark and honest  the band has done to date.

Abaddon Incarnate is:
Johnny King (Drums)
Bill Whelan (Vocals / Guitars)
Steve Maher (Vocals / Guitars)
Steve Finnerty (Vocals / Bass)


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