Frozen Ocean: The Dyson Swarm [New Album]

This epic creation takes the listener on a journey from earth, out into the black depths of space, each track leading you a little further from home. The unique power of the music leads you through our solar system, on past distant stars and unknown planets, past astronomic wonders to the very edge of the known universe.

An enthralling blend of ambient electronics and dark, atmospheric metal invokes the grandeur, the stately progression of the celestial spheres, the power of solar winds and the all consuming, freezing emptiness of the infinite darkness. It’s a captivating listening experience like no other. Frozen Ocean is not part of any scene, it follows no trends or fashions – this is expansive, intelligent music for those who are willing to look beyond their horizons. Released on CD in a beautifully designed six panel digi-pack, with incredible artwork created by Phlegeton of Wormed, The Dyson Swarm really is the complete package.


Travel beyond the mundane, ordinary world…open your mind to the wonders that can be found within The Dyson Swarm.



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