Northern Oak ‘Of Roots And Flesh’ [New album]

Northern Oak are a progressive folk metal band from Sheffield, UK. They are known for their ability to weave vicious black metal riffs with haunting flute folk melodies that stir the raw emotions lurking deep within the human soul.

Since the release of their 2010 album ‘Monuments’ they have toured the country with their energetic live show, which has been favourably compared to the intensity of bands such as Eleuveite. They have also played several prestigious festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air (2011) and Warhorns Festival (2013) while developing and shaping their sound.

The results of this work can be clearly heard on their new album ‘Of Roots And Flesh’, set for release late 2014. The album ranges from existential rage on ‘The Gallows Tree’ and relentless doom and sorrow on ‘Taken’ to a desire to see the best of humanity in the title track, ‘Of Roots And Flesh’. The listener’s ears are rewarded by a seamless blending of vocal styles and a fusion of electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, violin and melodeon parts as they are taken on a musical journey through the nature of struggle.

The recording of the new album was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign run by the band. This incredible show of support by their loyal fan base allowed Northern Oak to record the album at Skyhammer Studios with renowned producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard, Conan).

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