Premature Birth ‘A Ceremony Of Power’

Spawned in the Summer of 2011 in the back alleys of London UK; Premature Birth set out to combine all the anger, brutality and darkness of extreme metal.

As the band worked on their craft in the shadows it would be almost a full year before the band would finally venture out. Since their debut show in April 2012, Premature Birth have went on to gig regularly consistently delivering intense live shows and building a strong reputation as a formiddable force on the London black metal scene. The band have played shows alongside bands such as Taake, Enthroned, Verdelet, Nargaroth, De Profundis, Shining (Sweden) and Anaal Nathrakh.

‘A Ceremony Of Power’ follows the Premature Birth demo ‘Genocide’ which was released last year and with 4 songs and over 30 minutes of extreme music, ‘A Ceremony Of Power’ stands firmly in the vein of black metal. The band comments, “Expect a manifestation of our inner darkness… shrill vocals, blast beats, scything guitar lines and keyboard majesty.”

“We wanted to record our new material and didn’t want an ultra compressed and over-produced sound like most bands use. We wanted to go for a more honest production and I think we have achieved that.”

Keyboardist Vicki Thompson did the artwork which concept is about, “awakening the inner darkness and the more demonic side of a humans psyche. Hence why the demon is spawning out of the human, and taking over him.”

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