The Oath – Self-Titled

Label: Rise Above
Released: 17/03/2014
Rating: 9/10
Review by Alex Loach


German duo The Oath, have taken the underground doom scene by storm in recent months; the release of their self-titled debut album even catching the attention of the mainstream metal press.

Comprised of full time members Johanna Sadonis and Linnéa Olsson (the same two ladies who grace the album cover), the band’s main focus is on doom-laden riffs; something which they deliver relentlessly. There’s also a hint of old school punk thrown into the mix too; the end result culminating in something of a Sabbath/Danzig hybrid with hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies adding a new dimension to a well-travelled sound. As debut albums go, this is an incredibly valiant effort; the minimalist approach to production gives the whole thing an extremely organic, honest feel. There’s very little in the way of filler, however as with any album there are standout tracks. The quality really shines through on ‘Black Rainbows’ and ‘Night Child’. Yet it is on the final track, the slow-burning ‘Psalm 7’, with its intense, atmospheric build up where the ghosts of 70’s rock really start to rear their heads. Then, at about the three minute mark, that monstrous galloping riff comes in and you just want to punch the air with the delight that there are still bands out there who know how to write a fucking brilliant song. They might be relative unknowns at the moment, but look out for The Oath making lots of “end of year lists” in 2014. And definitely pick up a copy. This gem of a record deserves to be heard.

The band are currently broken up, however their music is still available via the Facebook page  

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