Inter Arma Music Teaser

Three-and-a-Half Minute Clip of Inter Arma’s Epic 40-Minute Song Sounds Really Promising

Photo: A new opus from Inter Arma will arrive this fall via Relapse Records. 'The Cavern' is a single-song 40+ minute EP of epic proportions. Pre-order CDs, LPs, and merch via Relapse Mailorder here:</p> <p>Check out a sample featuring guest vocals from Windhand's Dorthia Cottrell here:</p> <p>'The Cavern' was originally written in 2009, but has been refined over the course of the past few years. The band were able to lay the work to tape last year during breaks from the relentless touring they did with the likes of Baroness, Russian Circles, Ulcerate and numerous others. The recording was captured with producer Mikey Allred at Dark Art Studios in Madison, TN, the same surroundings and setup that captured last year's monolithic Sky Burial LP.

Inter Arma follow up their universally acclaimed ‘Sky Burial’ with the epic 40+ minute one-song ‘The Cavern’ ep. Recorded during breaks from the relentless touring the band did on the ‘Sky Burial’ album with the likes of Baroness, Russian Circles and more, this new ep is the ultimate exhibition of the genius that Inter Arma have always hinted at. Unparalleled musicianship meets the soulfully deranged vocalis of Mike Paparo to create one of the most impressive pieces of metal to be released this year. Shifting from Americana laced Black Metal to doom to stoner rock to prog all within a single song, Inter Arma’s ‘The Cavern’ is an opus that will surely be heralded for years to come along the likes of Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker’ as a work of true artistic vision and endurance.

Windhand’s Dorthia Cottrell contributes guest vocals in the sample.

Youtube Link

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