Mammoth Grinder- Underworlds

Rating: 8.5/10
Review by Andy Minogue

The aptly titled Mammoth Grinder hail from Austin, Texas. Their latest opus comes storming out of the blocks like a bullet train, with the opening salvo of songs hitting their target with face-melting accuracy.

The title track starts off proceedings with a bang, moving through the shitstorm that is ‘Wraparound Eyes’ and ‘Revenge’, before culminating in album highlight ‘Paragon Pusher’. The album is a fascinating amalgamation of death, thrash and hardcore which doesn’t let up for any of its 28 minutes.


The slower tracks such as ‘Roperide’ and ‘Moral Crux’ are perhaps the least interesting cuts on the album, but do allow some respite from the maelstrom of the remainder album. For me this album evoked memories of ‘Leprosy’-era Death, with a dose of Napalm Death circa ‘Harmony Corruption’ (don’t ask me why). Credit must also be given for the eye-catching artwork. Now, I’m off to make my ears bleed again…


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