Savage Sister

Savage Sister is a Chicago-based dream pop/shoegaze/dreamwave band in love with flamingos, Kids in the Hall, art history and puns.

Savage Sister is a Chicago-based shoegaze/dream pop/dreamwave trio that combines washed out synths and guitars with reverb-drenched vocal melodies and cavernous drum machine. Made up of vocalist Chloe Lundgren, bassist Caitlin Klask and synth/guitarist Michael Tenzer, the band oscillates its sound between dark forboding and shimmering romanticism.

Savage Sister began in 2012 as a four-piece out of St. Louis, headed up by guitarist Michael Tenzer and drummer Nicholas Piontek, with bassist Jamie Kerry and vocalist Kate Gettinger. They released Legs EP in August, with the single “Tiger Lamp”. This first iteration of the band split in September 2012.

Tenzer moved to Chicago in November that same year and slowly started to reimagine the band. It wasn’t until March 2013, that he met vocalist Chloe Lundgren. The two began working on songs for what would be their self-titled debut. Tenzer and Lundgren met bassist Caitlin Klask in May, adding her to the line-up. The trio released their self-titled debut in June 2013.

December 2013 saw the release of the single “Champange Panthers”, which hinted at the next release from the band, an EP called Wild Sleep. The EP was formally released on February 18th, 2014 via Tenzer, Klask and Lundgren’s new micro label, Wild Patterns. The band garnered a deal with local Chicago label, BLVD Records just before the release of Wild Sleep, securing the next full-length to be released both digitally and physically on vinyl sometime in the early fall of 2014.

Live Capacity:

Vocals/Synths – Chloe Lundgren

Bass – Caitlin Klask

Synth/Guitar – Michael Tenzer






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