William Nein -Gloop


This album opens with a strong track and compelling vocals; before you know it, you’ve listened to the whole album.

Gloop (2013) cover art

Review by Robyn Lees


I will admit that it took me a couple of times listening to it before it grew on me. Now though, I find it easy to listen to and I quite like it.

A good electronic-experimental sort of style carries through the whole album and creates cinematic music that both envelops and excites.

The final track ‘Asleep (outro)’ is a little surprising after listening to the rest of the album but it seemed an appropriate, yet comical, end to the album.


Born in the UK in 1982. Studied at the BRIT School. Jamie Woon took his place as singer in ‘Superfish’ after he left the band in 1999.

A veteran on the London music scene, William Nein has shared the stage with other notable acts such as The Wave Pictures, Emmy the Great, Serafina Steer, and The Mules.

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