COUGH, INVDRS & SORXE confirmed for Midnite Communion II: “Out Of The Woods” on November 15th

This Fall, the annual celebration of arts, crafts, and musicianship within the realm of darkness
befalls upon Los Angeles.

Midnite Communion II will play host to nine artists, three musical
performances, and a number of crafters, toolers, and builders all with an artisan approach.

Specifically curated by the Midnite Collective, this years theme is entitled “Out of the Woods,”

celebrating the emergence and accomplishments within the first year of renewed vision operating
under the guise of Midnite.

By unifying these creative entities with the endarkened community of
greater Los Angeles, the purpose is not only to share these outlets with our brothers and sisters
within the shadows but to extend gracious appreciation for the incredible support through 2014.

This years creative harvest has brought a spectacle of pieces contributed by Lucas Ruggieri, Krist
Mort, Farron Loathing, Raoul Mazzero, and Joie “Jaxa” de Vivre. An extended exhibit showcasing
and reflecting a year of Midnite Ceremonies includes Mike Lawrence, Sebastian Mazuera, Shaun
Beaudry, and Jean Saiz.

Musical accompaniment will be provided by Virginia’s worst, Cough, who will be supported by Salt Lake City’s sonically destructive INVDRS and Phoenix progressive metal
act Sorxe.


Taking place on Saturday, November 15th within the confines of The Complex in Glendale,
California, this Communion will have two periods of worship and tribute. Beginning at 7pm, the art
exhibit and craft fair will have an opening reception free to the public.

At 9pm, the venue will be
emptied and re-entry will be granted with tribute for the musical acts while the art exhibition and
craft fair will still be available for viewing and perusing.

“Out of the Woods”

Featuring Original Artwork from:
Lucas Ruggieri
Krist Mort
Farron Loathing
Raoul “View from the Coffin” Mazzero
Including Ceremonial Contributions by
Mike Lawrence
Sebastian Mazuera
Shaun Beaudry
Jean Saiz

Musical Accompaniment Provided by:

Backlined by ATLAS Cabinets.

Taking place on the 15th of November
Induction ceremony from 7pm – 9pm (free)
Communion begins at 9pm ($15 pre / $20 door)
Hosted at Complex in Glendale, CA
Support provided by CVLT Nation

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at:



Dark & Somber Greetings

Jesse Southern Jewelry

Kelly Johnston-Gibson / Natura Obscura

PKZ Clothing

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