Doomed – Our Ruin Silhouettes [New album]

The third album from German band Doomed continues the dark affair of Pierre Laube started with his previous works: traditional sound based on powerful harsh rhythm guitars, low accented bass and intensive solo guitars – everything is fully packed and ready to shake the surroundings!

«Our Ruin Silhouettes» ia a perfectly found balance between uncompromising brute and heavy doom death metal in the classical vein and non-sentimental melodicism.
Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste and The 11th Hour) and Andreas Kaufmann (Hatespawn and Charon (DE)) appear as the guest vocalists at the album. And, finally, Doomed have managed to provide their fans with conceptual album art inside 12-page booklet.

1. When Hope Disappears (Feat Pim Blankenstein)
2. In My Own Abyss
3. A Reccurent Dream
4. The Last Meal (Feat Andreas Kaufmann)
5. My Hand In Yours
6. Revolt
7. What Remains


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