LYRIC VIDEO: Piano release first song in 6 years and lyric video for ‘Disappearing Ink’.

PIANO have broken their vow of silence after 6 years, and made a comeback with one hell of a new single. ‘Disappearing Ink’ is taken from the new album ‘Salvage Architecture’ which is out on 17th September via Zestone Records. (Click picture below to watch the lyric video)

The Monolith are very kindly premiering the new lyric video single in the UK:

And Heavy Blog Is Heavy are being awesome and premiering the video in the US

Sophie K had the first play of ‘Disappearing Ink’ on her Breaking Bands show on team Rock Radio on Monday night. Please feel free to download the new single and play it/review it/post about it.

Since the band’s last release in 2008,  PIANO have been working hard to write and record their very first full-length record. The writing and recording process has taken them to London, Somerset, Nottinghamshire, Dorset, and even Paris over the last six years or so. In between releases Dan Tompkins has been off touring the world with TesseracT and Skyharbor, and Chris and Jez have been writing like demons (with the odd break for Chris to tour with Dan’s very own White Moth Black Butterfly).
The band have tried to fuse some of the harder sounding and more technical parts of Monogamy is Encouraged, and the big vocal lines and synth arrangements of The Valediction of Verse. Piano has worked with Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) on the production side. “All in all, Salvage Architecture represents what must be well in excess of 1000 hours of hard work and constant experimentation, with influences ranging from Placebo, Glassjaw, Isis as well as Classical and Jazz music”, says Chris Haywood.
The band are currently signed to Zestone Records, and have had two previous releases through them. They’ve toured Japan and have plans to go there again in the near future.
Chris and Jeremy have been writing material for this album since 2008. From vocal parts, to guitars, strings and drum ideas, the whole process has taken more than 6 years to complete from start to finish. The new record is harder, more challenging, and has taken more work than anything the band have ever done before.




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