7stbaby – ‘Horses’ Single Released on 26/09/14

7stbaby is a difficult beast to pigeon-hole. They like Stoner Rock, Nu Metal, Ambient Electronic, Grunge and countless other genres and sub-genres, but don’t like to stick to any one of these with their own music. The band take influence from many, but create something that is familiar yet completely there own.

7stbaby - Horses Single Cover

Formed in August 2013, Kyle MacKenzie and Ben Martin emphatically wrote and recorded 7stbaby’s debut album ‘Control’ in three weeks. The album was released late January 2014 on DIY Independent Label Got Wrong Records, with the promotional single/ video, ‘Somebody’s Bitch’. The album and the single were both met with very promising feedback from music journalists and music lovers alike. Offering some epic tag lines such as:

‘Control’ is 7stbaby’s favourite toy, he loves it with all his little rotund heart. The album was written and recorded by 7stbaby’s proud parents Ben Martin and Kyle MacKenzie, during a two week stint in August 2013.

With songs spanning genres from Stoner Rock, to Progressive Rock and back to Ambient Electronic, there’s something in here for everyone and no one.

New Single “Horses” released 26th September

For fans of Kyuss, QOTSA, Truckfighters, Goatsnake, Electric Wizard, Soundgarden and Deftones


Got Wrong Records

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