Bright Curse Interview

Deep, dark, hypnotic and addictive, Bright Curse evolves in the Heavy – Psychedelic scene represented by great bands such as Witch, Sleep, Graveyard, Colour Haze or more recently, Mars Red Sky.

The whole Bright Curse story starts in June 2012 in London when, after an improvised jam led by LSD, sadness, and anger, at a good friend’s going away party, Singer/Guitarist Romain, Drummer Zach and Bassist Sammy decided to write some real heavy shit!

The first self-titled album was composed and recorded that same summer of 2012, co-produced by JB Pilon.

8 months after the recording Sammy left the band and was replaced by that same JB Pilon on the bass in March 2013, in October 2013 JB left the band to work on his own projects and Jack Boughton joined Bright Curse.

Hey, thank you for talking to us today, how have you been?

Very well, thanks! Just recovered from DesertFest and busy getting our everyday lives out of the way so we can make time for Bright Curse.

You’ve just played Desertfest 2014 – in London, how was that experience for you?

The best. You know, being at a festival is great, playing at a festival is even better. But playing The DesertFest with this year’s line-up… truly awesome! We have met a fair amount of people we love to be around since we started Bright Curse; and seeing a lot of those people in the same place at the same time was really nice. Three days of partying and great music, it doesn’t get better than that, really.

So for readers, who are new to the band, can you tell us a bit of a back story please – where are you from?

Romain and I are from France, we moved to London several years ago to pursue our career in music. In France, the music is as good but the community not as strong. London was pretty attractive for that reason. Jack’s a Londoner, born and raised.

How long have you been a band for?

It all started in June 2012, so, nearly 2 years! Romain and I jammed at a party for the first time, it was quite random, I’d only have met him once or twice before. It was a house party, we had lots of fun, the jam felt good, every body was drunk or high or both and the next morning, he came up to me and said “Hey, do you wanna be in a band?” so we started Bright Curse. Jack joined us around November last year, he is exactly what we were looking for.

You’ve recorded the self titled album, what was the experience for this like

Romain had most song in his head already so we jammed, arranged and finished them etc. We recorded the EP three months after we formed. Everything happened quite quickly, but the general feel was pretty excellent, it’s always exciting to record. In order to ensure we’d get the sound we wanted, we got our good friend JB Pilon to produce it. We recorded in 3 days, live.

Where did the artwork idea come from?

We were on the look out for a badass artist with a clear identity and we found her in the shape of Abbey Watkins, from Manchester. We gave her our music, told her a few key words and she came up with this. She’s really talented and we loved what she produced.

There is mention of a second album in the works, how is this going so far?

Yeah, more than a mention, it’s definitely on. We’re currently writing it, we tried a few songs live, adjusted them, making some more. We’re starting to see more clearly where we want to go with it, the concept is making more sense.

Any funny gig/tour related stories?

We went on a UK tour in August last year with Trippy Wicked and Wight (GER).
We had loads of Innis and Gunn, a drum kit called Hodor, we talked about the movie Sharknado, we played one gig in a hotel meeting room in Sheffield, we read some Tintin comics. 2 of us swam naked next to Sunderland in the North sea…(Yeah… The North Sea dude…). We also shared the van with Tony “fuckin’” Reed, he’s got tons of tour related stories!… And some other shit we can’t talk about…

What is the band up to for the rest of the year?
Well, this record is gonna take some time for sure. After the tracking we will work on mixing it, getting the mastering right, some more really cool artwork. We’re on the look out for an awesome artist, we’re thinking of a photograph this time. Then, it’s time to get back on the road!

The first EP was released in spring of 2013 on Bilocation Records (limited vinyl edition), is produce by JB Pilon, at “Rock of London Studio”, and the mastered by Brad Boatright (Portland, Oregon) who worked on the recent reissue of the monolithic Sleep’s “Dopesmoker”

They are now working on the 2nd Album.



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