Concrete Sun – Sky is High Review

Upon hearing the name Concrete Sun, the mind conjures up the expectations of listening to some pure stoner and sludge metal. “Sky is High” does not disappoint!

Review by Kieron Rochester

Opening tracks “Just a Beginning” and “Euphoria” deliver a groove laden barrage of riffs and act as a powerful double- header that sets the tone for the rest of album. Vocalist Cerovina Strahinja is instantly captivating, delivering an aggressive performance with a tone reminiscent to that of the great Layne Staley but with individuality that makes his style hard to pigeon hole.

As the album progresses it is clear to see that Concrete Sun are no average stoner band. “Last Man Under the Sun” is a charismatic metal anthem, beginning with a ballad-esque, bluesy feel before transforming into a hard-hitting romp that sets you up perfectly for the Zakk Wylde inspired “D.A.N.U.B.E.”

“Hide Behind” closes the album and is further evidence of a band attempting to push the boundaries of their genre. Aside from displaying the type of rhythmic groove akin to Pantera’s “Reinventing the Steel”, the track is also littered with some well-placed guttural vocals that add another dimension to Concrete Sun’s already expansive sound.

Commanding, innovative, ambitious. “Sky is High” is an irresistible offering and one that could go toe to toe with any of the heavyweights of the stoner metal scene.



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