Crypt Trip- review

Mesmerized by the mystical old ways of fuzzed out heavy rock, three long-time friends from Cedar Hill, Texas decided to form a band called Crypt Trip in the summer of ’13.

Over the span of a year, they wrote and recorded an album (soon to be released) filled with hammering riffs, hate toward the system, and witchy women.

Review by Kieron Rochester

The resurgence of the psychedelic doom rock of the 1970s has been well underway over the last few years. Bands such as Kadavar and Graveyard have transported us back to the era of riffs steeped in doom, hypnotic middle sections and lyrical allusions to the occult. With the release of their debut EP, Crypt Trip look well placed to help contribute to this ever growing resurrection.


What is instantly apparent about Crypt trip is their concerted effort to add as many atmospherics to proceedings as possible. Intro track “Mortis Venificus” is a short classical guitar piece providing an eerie foundation for the darkness to come. This unnerving ambience is sustained with the first full band effort “Wraiths” which interweaves droning guitars with hauntingly low pitched vocals.

Next up is “Phantasm” which provides a dose of variety with its mid tempo feel and blues tinged guitar solos. “Mrs Absinthe” follows and its back to sheer doom with a main riff and middle section that make you feel that this song wouldn’t be out of place on Sabbath’s “Master of Reality.” The EP ends with “Datura,” an outro track that combines a melancholic organ with the back drop of falling rain and nicely compliments the unsettling feel that looms throughout.

Crypt Trip succeeds in the unenviable task of staying true to the 1970s vibe without once straying towards the dangerous territory of being derivative. A fine effort and a band to watch.




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