Demonic Resurrection- The Demon resurrection review

India’s finest purveyors of “Demonic Metal” have returned with an absolute blinder of an album.

Demonic Resurrection- The Demon King
Released: 14/07/2014
Label: Candlelight
Rating: 9/10

Review by Alex Loach

The Demon King sees the five piece from Mumbai reach new levels of song writing and technical excellence; combining brutal blackened death metal with melodic choruses, almost reminiscent of power metal at times, but without the cheese. It’s difficult to choose a standout track, as the whole record oozes pure quality from start to finish, but if pushed ‘Trail of Devastation’ is the one that showcases the band at their pulverising best.

Sahil “The Demonstealer” Makhija provides lead vocals, and his transitions from snarling beast to genuinely beautiful singing, mid-song, are simply mesmerising at times. The production is spot on and the whole feel of the album is that of a savage epic, like a particularly spectacular, yet violent thunderstorm playing out before you. And speaking of spectacular, yet violent – check out that album artwork! It’s fucking glorious, something which is all too often overlooked in this era of downloads and streaming.

People regularly say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but please, please do judge this record by its cover. The contents are every bit as fantastic as the artwork would lead you to believe. Unfortunately it’s a bit late to catch the band in the UK as they’ve just wrapped up their latest tour, but if they keep producing work of this quality, it won’t be long until we see them again.

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