Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark – Album Review

A few years ago, the British thrash scene looked set to become the next big thing for metal in the UK. Bands like Evile were threatening domination, then for whatever reason it seemed to peter out a bit.

Savage Messiah- The Fateful Dark
Label: Earache
Released: 10/03/2014
Rating: 8/10


In the wake of this, a slew of bands of varying quality emerged, attempting to pick up the pieces. Perhaps the best of these young thrashers were London’s Savage Messiah. After being signed to Earache and releasing their last album as a free download, they have picked up a small but devoted following in these isles. New release The Fateful Dark is a clear statement of intent from Savage Messiah; that they wish to build upon this.

The riffs are fast, the choruses catchy and Jesus Christ (pardon the pun) they know how to write a tune that makes you bang your head like crazy. There are echoes of classic Megadeth throughout and, as is to be expected with thrash, the solos are preposterous and plentiful.

The pace does drop into ballad territory for one track; ‘Live As One Already Dead’, but the rest of the record is as heavy and full-on as you could hope. Standout tracks ‘Zero Hour’ and ‘Hammered Down’ hit like a one-two sledgehammer blow. If you’re into thrash, this is a must-buy.

Review by Alex Loach

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