BigElf – Into The Maelstrom Review

Following the release of their 2008 record Cheat The Gallows, Bigelf seemed to suffer something of a breakdown as a band.

Band: Bigelf
Album: Into The Maelstrom
Label: InsideOut
Released: 03/03/2014
Rating: 9/10


Indeed the Californian four piece went off the radar entirely for a lengthy period of time. Enter one Mr Mike Portnoy, who along with enigmatic, top-hatted, frontman Damon Fox, has helped to create one of the greatest comeback albums you could ever have the pleasure of hearing.

A cacophony of sci-fi sound effects acts as the introduction to first track ‘Incredible Time Machine’, until those distinctive doom laden riffs come in. What follows is an absolute master class in melding mind-bending psychedelica with skull-crushing doom; to form the bastard son of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Make no mistake though, the result, while taking obvious influences from these classic acts, is one hundred percent pure Bigelf.

The album’s crowning glory is the eight minute-long closing number, a modern progressive masterpiece called ‘ITM’; split into three parts, the weird factor hits overdrive, with Damon Fox’s inimitable vocals taking centre stage. This is the most unique, enthralling album likely to be released this year.

Review by Alex Loach

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