Mojo Jazz Mob – …Still Hunting – [New album release]

MOJO JAZZ MOB is back and still hungry !
After years in the dense forests of the six hunters come again to light and bring ” … still hunting” their very own version of a soundtrack to hunt with !

MOJO JAZZ MOB shows here as snarling , not exuberant chimera of stoner rock and heavy metal , which has sharpened their claws in order to sink them again in the neck of the Zeitgeist !!

The band united in their sound the harsh impact of the beginnings of heavy metal with catchy choruses and a pinch of psychedelic .
Low- tuned guitars and a thundering bass are interwoven hard as a board to a wall of sound and strike times sluggish and sometimes driving grooves of the past two drummers .

Since then the band was founded in 1997 and diligently demos were produced , the guys at Mojo Jazz Mob rocked first the numerous local stages of their home region .
Since 2001 then numerous tours have been made across Germany , played support for established bands (including Biffy Clyro , Nebula , Karma to Burn , Blood Lights , etc. ) , as well as sweat out a lot of headlining gigs .
After their demos found a home stayed in countless panel cabinets , produced the six tender hooligans on their own their debut album “Pacific Daybreak ¬ / Broken Nights” which was released in October 2007 on Swamp Room Records .
When published in 2009 E.P. ” Westafalenwalze ” was the name of the program – they leveled Mojo Jazz mobs musical path consistently , but put in terms of sound gives something more .
With new understudy on drums , Mojo Jazz Mob sets 2014 ” … still hunting” the second full album and shows are so aggressive as never before!

• Breast Adrian (vocals )
• Björn Gottmann ( Bass )
• Konstantin Krass ( Drums )
• MartinStoll Kötter ( guitar )
• Michael White ( guitar )
• Till Junker ( Drums )

Mojo Jazz Mob - ...Still Hunting (2014)


01. … Off the Beaten Path (1:35)
02. Bullheaded (4:01)
03. Shitluck (4:07)
04. Curse of the Partisan (5:31)
05. Hordak (4:35)
06. Instruction for a Better Life (7:02)
07. 13 Winters (4:46)
08. Black Nazarene (1:52)
09. … From the Throne of Skulls (5:02)
10. Blood of the Behemoth (7:20)
11. Tornado Torpedo (3:21)
12. The Hunter’s Legacy (5:41)
13. Fair Winds and Following Seas (4:00)
14. Worship the Beast (10:22)


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