“Stories of delicate beauty / incredible grace.”

The images below are from “Women in White Gowns” a series by the photographer Jiwon Kim. The images depict female doctors from her native South Korea.

The full view of her work is here:

Jiwon Kim
South Korea


Within these images is the story of the individual, her power, her grace, and that indelible glow that radiates from someone who has dedicated her life to preserving the lives of others.

The flowers are beautiful in one photo, consuming in another and touching the edge of grotesque in the images found on her profile. They act as a lush metaphor for life in a fragile state.

Kim’s photos capture more than a moment; they are a meditation on a profession that depends daily on a fragile balance of delicate beauty and incredible grace.


Jiwon Kim is a previous SeeMe selected artist who received an exhibition in New York City. Our next call for artists and photographers will be launching next week,
when Art Takes Miami.

SeeMe is a world-wide community of creators and enthusiasts. If you’d like to share your work with the world, join us.



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