Enforcer – Into the Night review

Derivation is something that is very much synonymous with the current heavy metal scene, with countless bands trying to recapture the sound of their metal idols, very often sacrificing any real identity of their own in doing so.

Enforcer are very much representative of this “revival” scene with their brand of unashamedly old school metal owing much of its influence to the NWOBHM acts of the 80’s. It would be easy to write Enforcer off as yet another derivative 80’s metal-revival band but when the music is as fun and energetic as it is on Into the Night it would be unfair to ignore the band’s obvious talents for creating infectious, no nonsense heavy metal.

Album opener, Black Angel sets the tone for much of what follows, with its Maiden-esque gallop and Olof Wikstrand’s high pitched vocals the song manages to capture the sound and energy of the 80’s NWOBHM movement. However not every song is as successful in recapturing the essence of the band’s influences, the album’s title track for example is somewhat forgettable and at times unbearably cheesy with Wikstrand’s vocals occasionally bordering on irritating. Many of the album’s other songs however fare much better such as penultimate track Curse The Light, which features one of the album’s most memorable riffs, and the 6 minute instrumental City Lights, which provides a bit of variety to an album that is otherwise void of any sort of variation.

While Into the Night doesn’t offer up anything new, nor does it come close to rivalling the best albums of those whose influence is stamped all over it, the album does deliver a solid dose of fun and exciting speed metal that when matched with the band’s unbridled energy makes for an enjoyable album that will ultimately appeal to anyone interested in old school heavy metal.

Review by Jamie Twort

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