Obituary – “inked in blood” review

At a certain stage in the lifetime of a band they will have “their moment”, play the ultimate show or create their perfect album.


This week the Death Metal world will take notice as one of the most iconic bands bid to have their moment. After 30 years on the death metal scene Florida’s Obituary make a return with their ninth studio album titled Inked In Blood.

This album is a massive show of loyalty to their legion of fans as it was with their help through the Kickstarter project that helped fund the recording and production of the album.

So, five years from their last album and expectations are high. The first thing that hits you when you pick up a copy of Inked in Blood is the graphic artwork which is typical Obituary. Old school metal fans who still buy vinyl will get the full effect of Andreas Marschall’s cover art which would remind you of a recent episode of The Walking Dead.

Right from the opening track “Centuries of Lies” vocalist John Tardy is in your face as he screams out the lyrics and shakes your guts. The powerful guitar riffs and chaotic drumming from start to finish of the album feels like relentless machine gun fire. The title track “Inked in Blood” and “Deny You” are two of the slower tracks on the album but they start off pounding in your skull with such intensity that they drag you along fists clenched.


In fact every track on the album grips you from the start and that in itself is no mean feat. In short this possibly the most brutal and heavy album of the year, as track five states Obituary is “Back on Top”.
Fans in the UK will not have long to wait to get a taste of Inked in Blood live as they will hit these shores in February.

Complete Track List:
. Centuries of Lies
. Violent by Nature
. Pain Inside
. Visions in My Head
. Back on Top
. Violence
. Inked in Blood
. Deny You
. Within a Dying Breed
. Minds of the World
. Out of Blood
. Paralyzed with Fear

The deluxe version contains 2 bonus tracks while the double LP version contains a free digital download of the album including bonus tracks.

Review by Andrew Cooke

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