What’s been on this week!

This week at Snapdragon HQ we have been listening to these delectable albums.


Stubb – Cry of the ocean, favourite song – devils brew

It’s been a few years since I’ve properly listened to these guys first album, I know criminal right, but I can safely say this one is as good if not better. Hideously catchy blues riffs lace this mix of stoner and 60s psychedelic rock has meant this has been playing on my inner jukebox all week.

Currently streaming on The Obelisk here

Looking forward to seeing them for the first time since Desertfest 2012 (I’ll try not get so drunk and remember a bit more this time) in a few weeks’ supporting Earthless at the Dingwalls. Speaking of which……………


Earthless – From the Ages, favourite track – Equus October

I know this is from last year but having just picked up a copy on vinyl while at Desertfest Belgium I thought it deserved a proper spin. I’m usually not too keen on instrumentals, I just get bored but for some reason this keeps me entertained.


Maybe it’s the upbeat riffs and licks, maybe it’s the groovy tempo and shear fun that it oozes, maybe I’ve just listened to too many sludge and doom instrumentals that I’ve become disillusioned with them as a whole, who knows but this is awesome.

Catch Stubb and Earthless at the Dingwalls on Sunday 9th November. I know I will.

Mother Corona – Reburn, favourite track- ALL OF IT!!

I think I’ve seen mother corona twice. I say think because when planets collide gigs at the windmill in Brixton are always so epic and always so messy that I’m never too sure how many of the bands I’ve successfully seen. I have a recollection of coming away and liking them, which means I can’t have been paying that much attention as after listening to Reburn I should have come away fucking loving them. Not quite sure what to class this as.

Psychedelic sludge? Stoner groove? Whatever the bloody hell it is, it kicks serious balls. At 15 songs long and spanning a little over 75 minutes this is by no means a short album but at no point does it ever remotely drag. Rapidly making it up my favourite albums of the year list I’m more determined to try and catch them again after missing them the other week with trippy wicked.

Next gig is on the 6th of December at Buried in Smoke’s Christmas weekender at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford.


Mothership – Mothership II, favourite track – Hot Smoke and Heavy Blues

Wasn’t really ready for this one. I only discovered their 2013 album, Mothership I, about a month ago and it didn’t feel like it was time to put it aside yet but sadly, or luckily depending on how you see it, the time had come to listen to their latest record. Having progressed a lot since their first, you could be mistaken for thinking this was a different band. While the last one definitely seemed to have had some Scandinavian vibes manifested in it, this one seems to be firmly rooted in the US Desertscene.

A harder and gutsier album than the first, this is more likely to get you banging your head and tapping your feet but less likely to have you singing down the street as the debut did. Overall a worthy successor to Mothership I, I just don’t think I’m ready to swap it with the first one yet.

Listen to the album preview here

Having missed them when they played earlier in the year, supporting Wo-Fat, this band are high up on my “catch then next time the roll round” list.


Landskap- I, favourite track – Fallen so Far

Now this is a bit of a cheat as there isn’t a week goes by that this album doesn’t make it on at some point. Firmly rooted to the top of my 2014 albums list is the debut EP by Landskap. The bastard son of Deep Purple and King Crimson left cold and abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage run by Rev. Bizarre, this underground super group has produced one of the highlights of the year.

Never at any point did I think doom-prog could sound so good until I was happily proven wrong by this. Having missed their only two shows so far and unable to make it to HRH prog I’m hoping these guys play again soon.

I had been putting off purchasing the vinyl for when I was as a gig but I don’t know how long I can wait without this in my collection or before it flies off the shelves.

Catch them at Hard Rock Hell Prog festival between the 19th and the 22nd of March 2015

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