Helalyn Flowers – artist exposure

Helalyn Flowers are one of the most revolutionary female-fronted acts in the Industrial scene by performing a hugely unique combination of Goth, Metal, Punk and Electro sonorities.

Raising from the electric suburbs of Rome, they shake the underground scene in 2006 with the singles “E-race Generation” and “Voices” which let’ em become one of the most explosive bands on Myspace and Vampirefreaks.

This leads Helalyn Flowers to worldwide consents, including European major press, like Orkus, Sonic Seducer, Flash and Rock Sound UK as well as to the contract deal with Belgian indie label Alfa Matrix which released so far debut-album “A Voluntary Coincidence” (2007) and the surprising follow-up “Stitches of Eden” (2010) which let the band gain the status of “to the top of the scene” by :Ritual: Magazine in 2010. Also the same mag will acclaim Helalyn Flowers as one of the most important Italian acts in the contemporary scene.

After having shared European stages with Emilie Autumn, Das Ich, Gohtminister, Neon, Ataraxia, Theatres Des Vampires and Attrition UK, after having homaged Depeche Mode with an edgy version of “Rush” on occasion of the Alfa Matrix tribute on 2CD and after 3 some years of stylistic refinement, the Italian Metallic Electro Rock duo strikes back with the eagerly awaited third full length record “White Me In Black Me Out”, an album based on duality and dichotomy which might be seen as their darkest release ever.

Somehow, it stands somewhere in between the rawness and the hi-energy of the debut “A Voluntary Coincidence” and the highly melodic and surrealistic “Stitches Of Eden”. But it’s also different at the same time, showing HELALYN FLOWERS in their most naked essence. More essence, less embellishments, more moods, less artefacts, revealing the dark side of the sweetest melody, giving a cinematic touch to their alluring mixture of Metal Goth Rock and dark Synth Pop.

Helalyn Flowers keep fascinating crowds with their distinct multi-faced musical spectrum and their unique ability to create incredibly catchy tunes by blending ghostly atmospheres, martial beats, metal sounds and the outstanding vocal performance of female singer N0emi Aurora, able to cover a wide stylistic range, from Pop/ Rock, Metal to even operatic soprano and madrigal and whom voice has been often compared to great singers like BJORK, Shirley Manson or EVANESCENCE’s Amy Lee.

Helalyn Flowers keep surprising you song after song on this darkly beautiful album by intermingling varied influences going from SISTERS OF MERCY to SKOLD or even MARILYN MANSON, NEW ORDER, THE CURE, DEPECHE MODE or even THE PRODIGY. Elements of Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, Dark Electro, Synth Pop get fused with martial metal dance pop, gloomy moody Electro Pop Rock, tortured alternative style and toxic guitar style.

This challenging and essential new album also comes out as limited deluxe box with amazing design by Toxic Visions Design (facebook.com/toxicvisionsdesign) and the “Wireless Survivors” Bonus Disc including a twisted version of “Satisfaction”, freely based on the original theme with the same title by the ROLLING STONES and stunning versions of RAMONES’ “Pet Sematary” as well as techno gurus 2 UNLIMITED’s intergalactic hit “No Limit”. Also electro remixes by STUDIO-X, PSY’AVIAH, INERTIA, JUNKSISTA, AESTHETISCHE etc. are included.

Beyond labels and genres, Helalyn Flowers raise the flag of the Dark Music of this post-2012 world.

2013- “White Me In Black Me Out” + “Wireless Survivor” 2CD
2013-” White me In Black Me Out” CD
2009- “Stitches Of Eden” + “The Comets Garden” 2CD
2009- “Stitches of Eden” CD
2009- “Spaceflor Romance” EP CD
2007- “A Voluntary Coincidence” CD
2007- “A Voluntary Coincidence” 2CD-LTD EDITION BOX
2007- “Plaestik” Dj EP
2006- “E-Race Generation” CDS
2005- “Disconnection” MCD

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