The Sontaran Experiment- Artist Profile

The loudest and heaviest band in the world

Pioneers of the DESPAIR music genre.

Named after the legendary Dr Who episode from 1975, this band has been created to push music to its limits. Crushing doom, blastbeats, harsh electronics/vocals and a beautiful prog feel combine to push boundaries a little further in extremity. Noise artist Stuntcock had been looking for some extreme musicians to accompany his electronic racket, calling on his old cohort Seddon, and two travelling Sontarans,Rooster and Si. After hours of jamming, songs have been structured, all at approx 15-20 mins but as all great symphonies, divided into movements. 

With another Sontaran – Keen added in to the mix, work now begins on total destruction of everything you hold dear. You will love or hate this band, there is NO middle ground. Incidentally if you like the new Dr Who you are a cunt, and will be defeated by the might of the SONTARAN EXPERIMENT.

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