INTRODUCING: STATUES. Chaotic, cutting edge, Hardcore music from Western Australia.

Statues have been quietly writing and working toward their debut album over 2014.
Here, they discuss the process of putting the album together, which was a very community based effort, with only friends from their hometown of Perth being involved with the record.

Taking two years to complete, Statues are excited to show the fruits of their labour: ‘Together We’re Alone’.

‘I hope that the record instills a wide array of emotions, from angst and anger, to fulfilment and joy, and everywhere between.’

Video directed and edited by Drew Kendell & Kori Reay-Mackey


Statues are a chaotic hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. Since their foundation in 2009, Statues have become renowned for their extremely high energy live shows, treating everything and everyone as a part of the performance.

Jayme Van Keulen – Vocals
Scott Kay – Guitar
Matthew Templeman – Bass
Daniel Harper – Drums

Statues have supported the likes of:
Every Time I Die, Northlane, Stray from the Path, Stick to Your Guns, Structures, La Dispute.

‘Together We’re Alone’, Statues’ debut album, is the culmination of the last five years of writing and performing as a band. Musically, it is relentless, lyrically it is introspective, making comment on social expectations, and how we are brought up to think about life.

Mixed by Matthew Templeman and Mastered by Simon Struthers, ‘Together We’re Alone’ is an aggressive, yet honest record, making Statues stand out as one of the most unique hardcore bands in Australia.

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