SYMPHONY X – new album update for the holidays!

In true “no update until there’s something to say” form, New Jersey’s progressive metal masters SYMPHONY X have been quiet as of late.

Don’t let the silence fool you, though; they’ve been busy. So busy, in fact, that the new CD is almost done!

Recording of the drums, lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and bass – a.k.a. the bulk of the as-yet-untitled new album – is complete. In the next few weeks, the keyboards, guitar solos, background vocals, and some miscellaneous odds and ends will be done, with the goal to have everything recorded by the end of the month.

SYMPHONY X guitarist & songwriter Michael Romeo comments: “The plan was to have everything tracked by Christmas, and we’re pretty much on schedule. Things are moving at a good pace, and the songs are starting to come to life. More on that down the road a bit.”

SYMPHONY X’s innovative mixture of heavy metal and progressive rock has made them a favored staple among prog metal fans for almost 20 years. 2011’s »Iconoclast« debuted at #76 on the American Billboard Top 200 chart and a.o. on #22 (Sweden), #25 (Germany), #25 (Finland), #51 (France).
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One comment on “SYMPHONY X – new album update for the holidays!

  1. Iconoclast (The Title Track) is a masterpiece on its own, although we do take issue with the commercial sound quality of the album. As far as we are concerned, we are hoping for a second V: The New Mythology Suite!


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