Snapdragon’s monthly music round-up

Our resident writer Casual, who is a bit of a Doom Rock lover has been listening to a few tasty numbers recently.

The Skull – For Those Which Are Asleep
Favourite track – Till the sun turns black


Can you get any more Trad than this?! Back with the best Trouble album of the decade is the debut album from the Skull. With three original Trouble members it would be wrong to say no one was comparing the two bands but with this one containing vocalist Eric Wagner it was always going to win out for me.

There’s nothing fancy in this album, just 50 minutes of pure & simple, slow, heavy rock. Even though the style is so old there is something refreshing about this. Maybe it’s because no one’s writing music like this anymore, or maybe just the ones that are aren’t as good. It’s safe to say though Trouble will have to up their game.

If like me you missed them play at the underworld the other month then you will just have to hope they come round again soon.

The Flying Eyes – Lowlands
Favourite track – Under Iron Feet


It’s always pleasant to find out that a band you drunkenly watched and ended up with a T shirt from, actually turn out to be good on record sober. This 4 piece psych-rock band from Baltimore had the pleasure of closing out Desertfest Belgium and with such a growing fan base in main land Europe they seem to tour more here than they do in the US.

This 9 track album released last year is chocked full of heavy bluesy riffs but also mellow 70’s-esque acoustic breakdowns overlayedwith a wailing trippy solo. It’s definitely made me want to hunt down their two older releases.

Despite having played as far afield as India they sadly have yet to grace the UK with their presence. Here’s that that changes soon.

Gurt – Horrendosaurus
Favourite track – Eve’s Droppings

I had seen Gurt play a few times a couple of years ago and also own their split with Dopefight so I thought I knew what to expect from their debut full length.

Seeing them at Bloodstock and support Red Fang this year I could tell something had changed. Just when the hell had they got so god damn groovy?! Adding a much needed spin on the current sludge scene this album is shear brilliance. Steeped in sticky NOLA tones and bluesy bass lines it’s easy to see these guys leading the pack for years to come.

This album will almost certainly feature on my end year list and I look forward to catching them next year Hammerfest or at any of their headlining dates with Pist.


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