Hadal Maw – Senium album preview

Hadal: The hadal zone (named after the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades), the delineation for the deepest trenches in the ocean…

Maw: the symbolic or theoretical centre of a voracious hunger or appetite of any kind.
Formed in 2012 and comprising past and present members of renowned bands

such as Alarum, King Parrot, Swimming With Sharks, A Million Dead Birds Laughing and House of Thumbs, Melbourne Death Metal band Hadal Maw possess a collective experience that surpasses a large contingent of the Australian metal scene.

Before having played a single note live, Hadal Maw found themselves receiving gig offers from around the country and since then, they’ve shared stages with the likes of Aborted, Psycroptic, Ne Obliviscaris, King Parrot, The Amenta, Ulcerate and many more.

Born out of a solo recording venture turned full line up and with a focus on creating music that draws upon influences from the old & new schools of death metal constructed through an ethos of strong songwriting and forward thinking.

After three years of intensive writing and refining, the band have unleashed their debut album Senium. HeavyBlogIsHeavy calls it ‘A monolith: a towering pillar of death metal and atmosphere that swallows the listener whole’ Similar reviews are now coming in thick and fast from all over the globe that praise the release as one of the most impressive debuts of the year

Hadal Maw is:
Aaron Grice – vocals
Nick Rackham – guitar
Ben Boyle – guitar
Rob Brens – drums
Jim Luxford – bass




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