Crowned in Earth New album!

Formed by Kevin Lawry (Silent Winter) in 2008 – initially as a solo concern, Crowned In Earth began life as a doom metal entity, but quickly began to show a more adventurous, experimental side to their nature. Kevin was joined by drummer Darin McCloskey Falcon/Pale Divine/Sinister Realm for the band’s full length debut, Visions Of The Haunted, released in 2010 on Shadow Kingdom Records, and then the duo really took flight with 2012s A Vortex Of Earthly Chimes. Released on Black Widow records, this masterful album blended truly progressive thinking and musicianship with doom sensibilities to tremendous effect.

Now, with ex-Beelzefuzz bassist Pug Kirby added to their ranks, Crowned in Earth have become a complete entity, with the power and vision to explore bright and brilliant new musical worlds. The brand new album, Metempsychosis has neither borders nor boundaries, recognises no genre restrictions or limitations upon its imaginative scope. Slip beneath the surface of this latest and greatest creation from Crowned in Earth and let it carry you on a journey you’ll never want to end…

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