In Malice’s Wake artist exposure

Thrash metal at its finest – Metal Obsession

Melbourne Australia’s premier thrash band, In Malice’s Wake are set to release their first Live outing and it’s an incredible piece of merchandise.

Visions Of Live Destruction is twin disc special event that captures the brutal onslaught of a live In Malice’s Wake show

Professionally shot in HD with 9 cameras and making use of a stack of crowd-cam footage gathered go-pro style from people in the pit, VOLD puts you right in the thick of it. A steaming, sweat soaked, in your face thrash experience from the comfort of your lounge room.

Visions.. features two previously unreleased tracks as well as favourites from the bands ‘The Thrashening’ and ‘Eternal Nightfall’ albums

The release also comes with Bonus featurettes and a gorgeous 12 page colour booklet

With their commanding and fearsome frontman, Shaun Farrugia, the band combine relentless speed, iconic riffs and haunting melodies with virtuosic musicianship. Their unique brand of thrash has built a league of loyal followers across the globe.

As any member of their die-hard fan base with attest, In Malice’s Wake deliver thrash metal as it was intended – fast, ugly and wild…In Malice’s Wake will destroy your hearing while you smile from ear to damaged ear.


Upcoming DVD Trailer:

Live Video:

Other Media:

Promotional Track: The Crawling Chaos

Saturday, 1st November – Steel Assassins Festival, Sydney
Tuesday, 18th November – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne – Supporting Krisiun
Thursday, 4th December – Albury
Saturday, 6th December – Dimeday Festival, Wagga Wagga
Saturday, 13th December – Trendkill Festival, Footscray
+ more tba

Fuel For The Fire
Endless Possession
Pay The Price
Hear The Howls
The Crawling Chaos
Join Us And Fight
A Sign Of The Times
Mental Disarray
Evil By Design

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