ZONER back with 2nd album

ZONER is the one-man project of seasoned musician Antonis Demetriou based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Drawing from all of his favorite musical influences Antonis manages to convince that he is a determined, passionate and gifted songwriter and performer. All instruments and vocals, arrangements and overall production are by Antonis himself making it very clear that the result is that of pure labor of love.

In his own words, Antonis describes ZONER as “a rock/metal band with influences ranging from ‘ABBA to Zappa’ via all the VERY best in pop, rock, prog, punk, funk, disco, hard, heavy and thrash!”

ZONER songs cover a pretty wide musical spectrum and tend to deviate from the norm. From acoustic rock to full blown metal and anything in between, sometimes all these elements within one song, there is something for everyone. Plain and simply ZONER is an aural rewarding journey into the unknown, especially if you miss the way records used to be!

Yes, this might not be the most polished-sounding recording ever since Antonis will be the first to admit that he is not really an engineer/producer but someone that handles these tasks out of necessity. Besides, the most essential ingredient is clearly evident throughout this album – passion!

With already one self-released album in 2012 (“Spectraphonic Deviation”), ZONER’s second self-release (clocking in at just over 30 minutes) is titled “Euharmonic Elevation” and it is due out on March 16th 2015 on CD and digital (including iTunes, Bandcamp and others). The album’s opening track is now streaming at

The CD version will be available directly through ZONER and it will be available for FREE worldwide! No shipping charges or any other catches! It gets even better as the first 100 respondents will also receive ZONER’s first album again for free! Antonis is just that proud about his music that he simply wants to share it with as many people as possible making it easy for them to obtain it.

Album tracklist:
1. In the Name of Creativity
2. Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll
3. Patience of a Saint
4. Politics of Modern Love
5. A Wasted Life
6. Are You the One
7. The Sabbath Waltz
8. Turning Point of no Return

Visit ZONER at,

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