NAPALM DEATH: ‘Apex Predator – Easy Meat’ Review

Three years after the solid but uneven ‘Utilitarian’, the Brummie boys are back!
Whilst they have never released a bad album in their career, for me Utilitarian was just a notch or two below the blistering ‘Time Waits For No Slave’. That’s probably more my fault than theirs, as TWFNS helped me through a pretty difficult time in my life. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Utilitarian’ had it’s high points, with Errors In The Signal, Collision Course and Quarantined rating particular mention, but I was still craving for something a bit more atmospheric ala TWFNS.

The news that Napalm had adopted a similar production and recording approach to that particular album left me feeling hopeful, and fuck me, I never expected to be so blown away. First of all they gave us Cesspits and How The Years Condemn to feed our appetites, and then they absolutely defied anything I ever expected. I expected a good, solid Napalm album, and I didn’t get it. I got a fucking great, classic Napalm album.

I let my equally loving ND mate at work listen to this album, and his comment was ‘why did they put their best 5 tracks at the end?’….my immediate response was the opposite, the front end is loaded with the best material….but that just goes to show how this album has a little something for everyone. And I defy anyone not to wet themselves in excitement at Stubborn Stains (see what I did there?) Best of their 15 albums? Controversial, but I would say so 🙂

Review by Andy Minogue

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