Cave Of Swimmers Announce Details For New Release ‘Reflection’

Heavy Metal, 70’s Hard Rock, Doom, Stoner, Sludge…
Miami duo Cave Of Swimmers are a band that well and truly whet aural senses. Seamlessly weaving an expanse of styles Cave Of Swimmers ARE a band like no other, and reactions from the media and fans alike to their self-titled 2013 debut is testament to that.

Packing the van and hitting the dusty trail Cave Of Swimmers furthered their name even more throughout 2014, earning them a reputation for a band that’s real with a live show like no other, out of control, and full of raw energy.

Following numerous bouts on the road in support of the record the band headed back to Florida and made home in Weeks Recording Studio in Coral Gables and Crossbridge Studio in Pinecrest. Working closely with sound engineer Dana Salminen, the band recorded four tracks in just as many days, which was then mixed by Ian Mercel.

We’re now just over one year from their debut release and the band have announced that on 04th May 2015 they will release Reflection.


Artwork (as seen above) was completed by Bryan Olson.

Stream Single ‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’ Here!

1. The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
2. The Skull
3. Still Running
4. Reflection (Instrumental)

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