INTRODUCING: Witchgrinder- Aussie Thrash/Industrial Metallers release new video single for ‘Bloodlust’ exclusively through Metal Hammer

If your ears are positively accustomed to the sounds of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s industrial influences,
mixed with some raw thrash riffage and slamming vokills, then take note of the horrifically inclined outfit Witchgrinder. Witchgrinder are a thrash/industrial metal band from Melbourne, Australia who take their cues from 80’s and 90’s era of metal and some industrial sounds with their songs firmly placed in the classic horror/sci-fi stories genre.

METAL HAMMER are exclusively premiering the bloody awesome video over at this link:

‘Bloodlust’ was premiered on triple j’s The Racket radio show on Tuesday, 24th of March and received positive feedback from the show’s listeners. The song is now available to stream over at this link:


“They crave it and must drink it to survive. I find something somewhat appealing and sexy about this. That is where the inspiration came to write this track. My love of watching old 80s vampire horror movies growing up as a child. But this is no Twilight love story. This is straight out blood and gore.” – Travis Everett.

‘Bloodlust’ was recorded and produced by Dana Roskvist (Sydonia) and Witchgrinder. Mixed by Darcy Rank and Witchgrinder and Mastered by A.D. Millennium (Viral Millennium).

The band tour with Ace Frehley at the end of April.

Video single launch dates

SYDNEY- 12 April – Frankies Pizza By The Slice with Graveyard Rockstars double single and video launch with Daemon Pyre, Envenomed, Decimatus and Lo!
Free Entry

MELBOURNE – 18 April – Cherry Bar with Direblaze and Trigger
$13 entry

Tour Dates with Ace Frehley
BRISBANE – 28 April – The Tivoli
SYDNEY – 30 April – The Metro Theatre
MELBOURNE – 2 May – The Forum

Witchgrinder is:
Travis Everett – Vocals, Guitar and Programing
Ryan Potts – Lead Guitar
Walker Hell – Bass Guitar
Shane Turville – Drums and Samples


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