Cave Of Swimmers Offer Free Single From Forthcoming Album ‘Reflection’

That’s right! Miami duo Cave Of Swimmers release their second album Reflection next month
and are now offering folk a taste of what’s to come with ‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’. You can download the single free and right now.

“We chose ‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’ as a single because it sets the tone for the rest of the album,” comments G.E. Perez. “We’re aware that each track is not particularly time friendly; there’s a lot of music going on in each one, so we decided to leave full versions of the songs for the album and for those who are curious and willing to enter our house we did a SparkNotes version for the casual visitor.”

Heavy Metal, 70’s Hard Rock, Doom, Stoner, Sludge… Cave Of Swimmers ARE a band like no other, and reactions from the media and fans alike to their self-titled 2013 debut is testament to that.


Out 04th May 2015, Reflection was recorded at Weeks Recording Studio in Coral Gables and Crossbridge Studio in Pinecrest, Florida, engineered by Dana Salminen and mixed by Ian Mercel.

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