Sweet Billy Pilgrim have premiered their video for Just Above Midtown with Prog.

It’s taken from fourth album Motorcade Amnesiacs, due on May 25 via Kscope.

Frontman Tim Eisenberg admits he came close to splitting the band following the launch of 2012’s Crown And Treaty. He says: “For all the years of hard work and commitment, our progress seemed painfully slow. We had very little to show for our efforts

“Then it dawned on me that I’d be recording songs even if no one bought them. It wasn’t something I did – it was something I was. Progress was more than Facebook likes and album sales.”

He adds: “Cynicism kills creativity. I could moan about the state of the music industry. I could complain about Spotify not paying me anything. Or I could make an amazing record with people I love, and play it to people who care – or even play it to people until they care.”

Candle Book And Bell

FFwd To The Freeze Frame

Make It So

Slingshot Grin

Burn Before Reading

Just Above Midtown

Chasing Horses


We Just Did What Happened And Nobody Came


Coloma Blues

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