Guitarist Bjorn Gelotte recalls 90s internet campaign that went wrong over spelling mistake

In Flames are proud of being early adopters in the internet revolution – but guitarist Bjorn Gelotte has recalled a 1990s mistake that proved how much they had to learn.

The Swedish outfit are touring in support of 11th album Siren Charms, launched last year.

Gelotte tells Pop Culture Madness: “We were really early when it came to the internet. We had a web page super-early on.

“The address was long and it had numbers and dots and signs and stuff. We had it on our t-shirts when we tours – and we spelled it wrong, so nobody ever found our website.”

They rolled with the punches in the coming years and now the guitarist believes they’re “in a good place right now.”

But while he understands that fans won’t like everything In Flames do, he can’t understand why some feel the need to go trolling on social media.

“I can be the same way,” Gelotte says. “I might not like a direction – I choose to listen to something else then. It’s very simple. I don’t go onto the internet and scream about it.”

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