Bassist couldn’t care less if he makes mistakes on stage – the rest of the band will make up for him

Steel Panther’s image-conscious bassist Lexxi Foxx couldn’t care less if he makes mistakes while playing live – so long as he looks “bitchin’.”

And he claims he relies on his bandmates to cover for him while he’s concentrating on his looks.

The 80s metal jokesters are known for making the most of their assets, and the androgynous bassist is rarely seen without his hand-held mirror and perfectly coiffured hair.

Foxx tells The Daily Times: “It’s about how you look and not necessarily how you play. I make mistakes every night, but I don’t care. I just want to look bitchin’. I leave it up to everyone else in my band to play good.

“That’s really all we know, and that’s the reason why we continue to do this — what to look for, what to wear, how high to wear your hair, the right amount of makeup to wear when you go out during the day, because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

“You want to try just enough to look impressive to attract women, and I think we do that with the bracelets and bandanas and mascara and eyeliner and lip gloss.”

Steel Panther issued their latest album, All You Can Eat, in 2014 and aim to keep ploughing the light-hearted nostalgia field. Foxx says: “Everyone knows that the more colours you wear, the more bitchin’ you look, the more chicks you get and the more fun you are to watch.

“That’s what the 80s were about, and it’s just really cool we’re bringing that back.”

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