PSION (Ex-HAKEN, SUN CAGED) Debuts Instrumental New Song, Hints At Vocals

Psion is a new progressive metal supergroup-type thing you’re probably going to want to keep an eye on.

The group right now consists of ex-Haken bassist Tom McLean and guitarist Nik Wolf officially as the core members, while according Sun Caged‘s Facebook, vocalist Paul Adrian Villarreal has “just sent over some vocal files for the next demo!”

Here’s the group’s instrumental song “Exordial” from 2014 that was just recently posted. Whether or not the song will continue on to be instrumental has yet to be seen, though the way Villarreal worded his statement it sounds like he’s going to be involved a little bit more than just one song.

So that’s all we know right now. “Exordial” is an instrumental demo from 2014, Villarreal is in the mix to some capacity and there’s next to no way this isn’t going to be fucking awesome! Maybe more dudes from Sun Caged will get in on this? The group is on hiatus right now anyway, so it would make sense. Or there will be a lot of guest vocalists… still, so far this is off to a solid start!

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