Hollywood Undead’s Jorel Decker says he wants no part of America’s pop-obsessed music scene.

The singer says that while bands have to work harder to make it in Europe, it’s more worthwhile in the long run.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “I think in Europe, in general, the fans are much more loyal. They’re harder to earn, but they’ll stick with you for a lot longer.

“In the States, it’s a flash in the pan. It’s a pop-driven music culture, it’s not a rock-driven music culture any more. Unless you have big single out, no-one gives a damn.

“So I’d rather do well over here than over there, because over there all they care about is Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Do I want to be a part of that? No, not really.”

Hollywood Undead played the Main Stage at Download today (June 13). They released latest album Day Of The Dead on March 30 via Interscope Records.


Jun 27: Piestany TopFest, Slovakia

Jul 18: El Paso Texas Showdown Festival, TX, US

Jul 19: Council Bluffs KIWR’s River Riot, IA, US

Aug 08: Yantarniy Kubana Festival, Russia

Aug 15: Budapest Sziget Festival, Hungary

Oct 10: Chester Rock Allegiance, PA, US

Oct 24: Elverta Aftershock Festival, CA, US

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