They say working with a range of producers on 3rd album made them a more complete band

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! reckon sharing writing responsibilities on their latest album has made them a better band.

The Corey Taylor-approved French outfit worked with a number of producers while working on third album Get Lost Find Yourself, which was released in May via Fearless Records.

Frontman Bertrand Poncet tells TeamRock Radio: “On this record we tried different and new things. We co-wrote some songs with different producers from America. We got lost in the process and found ourselves better in the end.

“Before this one we did everything ourselves – we wrote our own songs and this time we said, ‘Let’s try something else.'”

He continues: “I’ve heard that for a lot of bands it doesn’t work. But we are very open-minded. We took their best ideas and put in our own ideas and it’s mix of good stuff. I’m very happy with how it sounds.”

And on whether co-writing with people outside the band is frowned upon within the rock scene, Poncet adds: “I feel that working with other people isn’t cheating. You need more people. It’s just making things work.”

CNCC played the Maverick Stage at Download today (June 13).


Jun 19: Ijsselsteyn Jera On Air Festival, Netherlands

Jul 18: Tokaj Kingdom Of Hegyalja Festival, Hungary

Jul 28: St Petersburg Zal Ozhidaniya, Russia

Jul 29: Minsk Republic, Belarus

Jul 30: Moscow Volta, Russia

Jul 31: Yekaterinburg Tele-Club, Russia

Aug 01: Samara Svezda, Russia

Aug 02: Kazan Reborn, Russia

Aug 06: Yantarniy Kubana Festival, Russia

Aug 20: Hasselt Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium

Aug 21: Dessau Destruction Derby Festival, Germany

Sep 22: Kawasaki Blood Axe Festival, japan

Sep 23: Osaka America-Mura FanJ Twice, Japan

Sep 24: Nagoya Imaike Club3Star, Japan

Sep 25: Yokohama Club Lizard, Japan

Sep 26: Tokyo Ice Grills Fest, Japan

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