..But guitarist admits he’s not listening when he undertakes his own activities

Kirk Hammett sees the connection between Metallica music and extreme sports – but he doesn’t listen himself while he’s being active.

The band have just released a clip of their performance from the X-Games in Texas last weekend, with bassist Robert Trujillo having previously drawn a comparison with his playing style and the kind of sports performed at the event.

Hammett tells CBS Local: “Our music has an element of danger in it – it’s not dangerous, but there’s a certain element of danger. I think a lot of extreme athletes can relate to that.

“Our music is the type that sees you through. Athletes want to experience a conclusion then listen to the next song. It helps them see to the end of whatever they’re doing. It helps them know they’ll make it through.”

But he adds: “When I’m out there surfing and there’s a fucking wave that’s coming at me that’s maybe 10 foot, the last thing I’m thinking about is music.

“I’m just thinking, ‘I’ve got to be in the right position, I’ve got to be going a certain speed, I’ve got to catch this wave or else.’

“For my own process I don’t really think about any sort of music. That’s just the way I am – when I go running I listen to podcasts.”

Metallica are slowly continuing work on their 10th album – despite Hammett losing 250 riffs he’d written for the project. They headline the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK in August.

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