Angist “Circle of Suffering” review

If you think Iceland was just known for its volcano then you need to listen to this eruption onto the Death Metal scene.

This piece of work comes from Reykjavik’s female fronted death metal outfit Angist and it shows that the Icelandic’s can be as angry as the rest of us. This EP, originally released in 2011 independently, was reissued last year and given the vinyl treatment by Hammerheart Records.

The opening title track, “Circle of Suffering”, starts off with an atmospheric tone, then punches out the riffs hard and heavy. Godless is up next with and it has an old death metal feel to it, brutality from beginning to end. While “Silence” is a slower track with some nice moody guitar work, “Death Incarnate” gives the listener a better indication of what we can (hope to) expect from Angist in the future.

This package is nicely put together with the cover art by Christian Sloan Hall who is also responsible for the backdrops at Amon Amarth gigs. This is well worth a listen and hopefully it won’t be too long before Angist sends some new material our way like a destructive ash cloud.

Track list: 1. Circle of Suffering
2. Godless
3. Silence
4. Unwelcome Thoughts
5. Death Incarnate
6. Our Ruin
7. Rotten Mind


Review by Andrew Cooke

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