Comic book based on 2012 album limited to 500 copies

Burton C Bell is to release a graphic novel based on the Fear Factory’s 2012 album The Industrialist.

A limited-edition print run of 500 copies will be sold via the frontman’s website. A collector’s edition, limited to just 100 copies, includes a signed and numbered graphic novel, a shirt featuring The Industrialist character and a numbered art poster.

Bell says: “As far as I can remember, I have been a fan of science fiction. Watching episodes of Twilight Zone and Star Trek led me to read Robert A Heinlein by the time I was eight.

“I started writing concepts for Fear Factory during the Demanufacture process. The sci­-fi element integrated itself into the band’s philosophy and concepts. This early influence has directed my path of creativity to enjoy science and the future of humanity.”

He adds of his first independently-released title: “_The Industrialist _is the soundtrack to this novel, and it follows the story within these pages. Illustrator Noel Guard captured the images as I saw them in my own mind – I foresee a great future for Mr Guard.”

Fear Factory release ninth album Genexus on August 7 via Nuclear Blast. Upcoming tour dates include North America, Europe and the UK.

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