AKURION is the name of the new Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based extreme metal project featuring “Whisper Supremacy”– and “…And Then You’ll Beg”-era CRYPTOPSY vocalist Mike DiSalvo alongside Rob Milley (NEURAXIS, PHOBOCOSM), Oli Pinard (CRYPTOPSY, NEURAXIS, VENGEFUL) and Tommy McKinnon (ex-NEURAXIS, ex-AUGURY).

The first single, “Yet Ye See Them Not”, will make its online debut on Monday, July 20.

Fresh off the last NEURAXIS tour in 2012, Rob had approached Mike to see if he would be interested in working on some ideas that he had for several new songs. The chemistry was immediate and plans were laid out for lyrical content and general structure and arrangement of the riffs. A year was spent working through the songs and when the time was paramount to propel the project forward, Tommy and Oli were sought out due to their one in the same abilities and prowess. Thus AKURION came to fruition.

Mike DiSalvo comments on the project: “We have been hard at work writing the album and we are excited to release the first wave of AKURION video spots. We all feel that this project has something strong to say.”


Mike DiSalvo – Vocals
Rob Milley – Guitar
Olivier Pinard – Bass
Tommy Mckinnon – Drums

Photo credit: Shauna Montrucchio


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