Funerary / Ooze – Split

“This is a monster of a release.” – NOISEY

Formed in early 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona-based bleak sludge outfit Funerary came to pass by the adherence of five tortured souls bound together by misery and anger.
Finding solace in the dwindling light, the band wrote their critically-acclaimed debut and Midnite Collective release entitled Starless Aeon. As the next chapter in the band progressed during the tour behind that album, Funerary recorded two new discouraging tracks that were meticulously crafted at Earhammer Studios by the Great Wizard of the Bay himself, Greg Wilkinson. The band emerged from the cosmic cocoon ofStarless Aeon with vicious intent.
Slated as a split-release with Italian sludge-degenerates OozeMidnite Collective will release a short run of vinyl records to accompany an approaching tour. Shortly after these arrangements were made, the band was met with more grief and discouragement with the departure of Greg (2nd guitar) and Kevin (lead vocals). Outside of their control and distraught over this loss, the band channeled their hate into a furious push for what was to come next.
Attracting only similarly-fueled spirits, Ethan (2nd guitar) and Jacob (vocals) stepped into the shadow where their counterparts once stood. Focusing their spite, the band will continue against adversity to join their Italian brethren Ooze on a more than 14-day journey across the US behind their split, due August 11th on Midnite Collective. Along their shared path, the bands will accompanied on select dates with Fórn & Loss.

Ooze Bio

Italian sludge outfit Ooze‘s brand of punishing sludge crawls from the bowels of the most rapidly decaying city in Italy and hits you in the face like the vile stench of stagnant bong water. Their path of destruction began in late 2011 when friends Antonio, Sirio and Andrea congregated in a filthy, smoke filled practice space in their hometown of Trieste to give birth to the bastard child of their corrupted, hazy minds. After few months of intensive sessions of mental and musical distortion, they started recording their first self-released, self-loathing demo CD titled Sister Tank, a collection of intricate, pummeling, rotting riffs topped by thunderous drum work and tortured vocals that took them under the spotlights of the local DIY scene.
Israeli label Total Rust could not resist the band’s infectious sound and took Ooze under their wing, sending them to a proper studio for the first time with Enrico Baraldi. There, they recorded their self-titled, debut LP which was mastered by James Plotkin and released in 2014 on CD by Total Rust and cassette by Midnite Collective.
The Ooze debut was the most punishing, sludgy and perverted material the band had come up with to date until Southern California’s dark and devious label Midnite Collective welcomed them to the family in 2015 to release a 12” split with Arizona’s blackened doom troublemakers, Funerary.  The record will be released on August 11, 2015, immediately followed by a Funerary/Ooze US tour featuring Fórn and Loss on select dates.
Get ready, joint in hand, to get smashed by a slimy, oozing wave of feedbacks.
Pre-order the limited vinyl packages exclusively from Midnite Collective HERE
Funerary is..
Ethan: guitar
Isaac: guitar, vocals
Jacob: vocals
Paul: bass, vocals
Steve: drums
Ooze is..
Andrea: vocals
Ans: bass
Sirio: guitar
Stefano: drums
Track Listing:
Side A: Funerary
1. Ascent
2. Descent
Side B: Ooze
1. Targeted
2. Necrotopya
3. Bridges Burned
4. Satanachia’s Will

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