DARKTHRONE’s New Album Just Might Be Old School Black Metal

We’ve known that a new Darkthrone album is coming and now we can excitedly tell you that the album is halfway done! Even better is that it’s going to be going back to the band’s old-school black metal roots… or at least that’s what we think we’re gathering from the below statement from the band’sFacebook.

I’ll let you check it out and decide for yourself.

YES we have half way finished our new album. YES we have our old rehearsal place back (recorded there: Snowfall/a new dimension demo + thulcandra demo). Our style this time is as usual from Ted, stern heavy/black metal. Personally i changed the style from speed metal before to SLOW HEAVY METAL, and i have four albums representing that: first DREAM DEATH album, BLACK SABBATH mob rules, first CANDLEMASS album and second SACRILEGE album. Ted will sing on the entire album and that was a desicion made by me after hearing the ANGUISH “mountain” album from last year. What am i listening to right now? the vinyl of mercenary by BOLT THROWER. YES it has annoying bass drum sound, but all the riffs are great. – f e n r i z

Alright. What I think I just read is that Fenriz is letting Ted “Nocturno Culto” Skjellum take the reigns and that has led to a much more black metal direction for the new material. I also firmly believe that Fenriz is saying he wanted to go in the direction the band has gone in for the past few albums and with Skjellum back in the lead, it’s all black metal from here. Right?

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